I Changed My Major…Again…

I’ve changed my major so many times throughout my college career because I was never happy. When I thought about what I wanted to do in my future, the changes I wanted to make, I was never satisfied with where I saw myself with my chosen major. I thought pastry arts was it, and while […]

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A letter to my loved ones

So imagine you go to the groceries. The main reason you’re there is to purchase a gallon of milk but you figured you’d pick up other odds and ends. You gather random bits of foods and drinks and finally make your way to the milk…only to find the shelf is completely empty. You grip the […]

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A Note on Privilege

There are so many things in life we as Americans take for granted, and even as I say that some of us are more privileged than other Americans. Take water for instance. When you wake up you hop in the shower, you flush the toilet, you brush your teeth and make a pot of coffee. […]

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Anxiety Girl VS Her Own Anxiety

Anxiety is daily struggle, but you probably didn’t need me to tell you that. But I have to, because if you don’t have anxiety it’s something that’s very hard to understand. I get though. Anxiety can be really confusing and complex. Something that is easy or simple for you, is like seeing a wall in […]

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The Vegetarian Question

Every Sunday (or at least when I remember) I will be posting answers to questions. So feel free to submit some by commenting on the past Sunday question posts or emailing them to me. I will answer any question (within reason) so it can be an in-depth question or you can ask questions like “what’s […]

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Cheers For My Future

So this post isn’t about me and my anxiety in situations. This is me telling the world my goals for my future. Because for once in my life I have never been more certain about my calling than I am now. This summer I made the decision to transfer out of a 4 year college […]

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